We developed the stock market news apps for Android and iOS.

They show stock quotes, financial news, and provide useful features for financial users, such as price alerts, discussion forums, interactive charts, and portfolio analysis.

With more than 1 million users and a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 points in the stores, the stock market news apps are among the top ten German financial apps. The latest version of this app, that we published in early 2019, significantly increased usage once again. The number of app opens increased from 23 million to over 41 million per month.

Google has honored our work with the “Top Developer” badge.



In the stock exchange apps we use different libraries, i.a. AdMob, YOC, Analytics, In-App Billing, AGOF, Plista, facebook, adjust, dfp and YieldLab.

For this project, we have developed a specialized CMS that allows the management team to send push notifications to app users. In addition, this CMS can be used to administer discussion contributions, answer support inquiries, and view statistics and usage analyzes.

Stock market news runs on a highly available infrastructure, which is monitored in real time by a monitoring system developed by us. For this purpose, we have developed another app that displays the monitoring data and automatically sends notifications to the maintenance team in case of abnormalities.