We designed and developed the FollowFin apps for Android and iOS.

With FollowFin, shares and other securities can be traded virtually. The users compete against each other in game rounds. The best traders are rewarded with material prizes. There is a comprehensive news section, real-time quotes and performance data for equities, indices, foreign exchange and commodities.

The integrated price and news alert notifies users of news about their securities, or if a security has exceeded or fallen below the set price limits.

FollowFin is the third social media app from our company. Users of the app can connect with each other during the game, exchange private messages and chat with each other live in groups.




In this project, we use the latest version of our proprietary framework called “Serenity,” which we’ve developed iteratively over several years. This is how we meet our high standards of stability and performance. Hardly any financial app in the store reacts as swiftly and reliably as this one.