Pocket Celebrity

Pocket Celebrity is our project for celebrities such as creators, Instagram stars, actors and politicians. Within this brand, we conceive, design and develop individual apps for well-known customers.

The user sees all social platforms of his stars at a glance. We aggregate content from YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat and add exclusive content that is only available within the app. Users can create topics, discuss with each other, and chat in private chat with each other in real time.

The celebrity also has the ability to broadcast to all users in order to disseminate its opinions and brands. By integrating smart ad space, our apps provide an additional channel, also for the brands of celebrity partners.

The first app of this kind was created for the YouTuber Ben. The official “Ben” app made it to 18th place within a few days in the app store in the Entertainment category, leaving well-known apps like ZDF and Pro7 far behind. A few months later we developed the official app for the creator “Echtso”. Echtso, together with the rest of the TipTapTube family, reaches more than 1 million children and adolescents and, with more than 350 million calls every month, has a notable degree of recognition in Germany.

In the first year, a good 2 million comments were written in the app. The most discussed topic is over 330,000 contributions. Live chats are organized several times a day. This high level of user activity is extraordinary and also surprises us.

With an average score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in the Google Play store, our Pocket Celebrity apps are among the country’s favorite community apps.