We designed, designed and developed the TravelDeals24 apps for Android and iOS.

They offer editorially selected travel snacks, as well as flights and hotels from over 100 partners. The apps also show cheap deals that start from an airport near the user’s current location. This feature is unique in the world and has been patented by us.

The apps are known for their excellent deals and best customer reviews. With just under 1 million users and a score of 4.6 out of 5.0, the TravelDeals24 apps are among the most successful in the travel industry.

They run natively on smartphones and tablets and are available in several countries, including: in Germany, Great Britain, USA and Canada.



In both apps we have integrated several libraries, especially Google and Apple Maps, Analytics, Panoramio, Facebook, OAuth / Sign-In, AppsFlyer and AdMob.

We also developed the backend. It provides various mobile APIs, independently updates the offer prices, is scalable and automatically responds to high load peaks, which occur especially in the evenings, when the travel deals of the day are pushed within seconds to 1 million customers.

For the editorial team, we have developed an individualized CMS for this project, with which the travel offers can be created and maintained. This CMS also provides the management team with statistics and analysis on app usage and booking conditions.

At TravelDeals24, we use over 20 cloud-based services in a network to ensure highly available, high-performance and secure operation of the apps and the backend. The Content Delivery Network we have built ensures fast delivery of static and dynamic content worldwide.