We design and develop interactive websites and applications.

We design and develop interactive websites and applications.

We develop interactive websites, modern enterprise applications and multi-layer backend systems for mobile apps. In close cooperation with our customers, we design and implement the right solutions.

Customer-specific intranet platforms can be used to manage employee profiles, securely store files and documents, use training videos online, and share calendars and contacts across the company.

In addition, we are working on solutions for professional sports where training, fitness and health data can be combined and automatically evaluated so that the club can react promptly and reliably to changing performance parameters. Big data and machine learning make this possible.

We also have experience with scalable, highly available backend systems for mobile apps. You can react flexibly and reliably to high load peaks. The transferred data volume can be minimized intelligently through multi-layer caching strategies. We develop these backend systems ourselves. They form the basis for the globally successful apps and websites of our customers.

Our customer portfolio includes a wide variety of industries: from finance and news, entertainment and sports, to travel and e-commerce.

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